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Welcome to July 13, 2040 and the end of Democracy in the United States. Here in the future, it is too late to fix the problems that continued to mount after 1/6/2021.

Of course, in the real world, it's NOT too late. 

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Eamon Loingsigh

Dec 17, 2021

Captain Dick, Ellington Chief of Police and his wife, the mayor, Emily Stamps-Van Roten have a complicated relationship that will be tested during the impeding BATA storm. 

Dec 6, 2021

The neural chip in Haisley's brain is trying to warn her of a great doom, but she is in denial. She just wants a safe place to carry out her pregnancy. But nothing can stop the cynical conspiracy to overthrow Democracy now. For Haisley Jones and all Americans, it's too late. 

Nov 16, 2021

This Opening Crawl gives important background information on the events leading up to 7/13/2040, the day American Democracy falls. 

Look for multiple episodes to be released on 1/6/2022, the anniversary of the infamous date that inspired DEMOCRACY JONES Podcast. 

Nov 2, 2021

The neural implant chip in Haisley Jones' brain is cycling through simulations which appear in her dreams as a prophecy of things to come. The probability of a coup d'état on 7/13/2040 is very high. But Haisley is pregnant and wants to start a new life. She, along with everyone else, does not want to believe...