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Haisley and De’ontay Jones are ready to start a family. Then. . . they move to Florida. Horror ensues.

DEMOCRACY JONES is a science fiction-horror & dark humor podcast.

A breakthrough in software technology for neural chips called “Rhetoric,” and continued political upheaval combine to create the most explosive day in American history, Friday the 13th of July, 2040. A day that would live in infamy as 7/13.

If a pregnant Haisley Jones can survive, the simulations created by Rhetoric prophesies that she, De’ontay and their child will galvanize a movement to overthrow General Schenk and bring back democracy to a post-apocalyptic America.


Jan 1, 2022

Five year-old Abra Fridman's life is about to be turned upside down, and she's only now beginning to see it coming in the distance. Men watching her through windows, buzzards flying above and a prophetic message from a Hacker-in-Hiding introduce her to something she's never felt before, fear.