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Haisley and De’ontay Jones are ready to start a family. Then. . . they move to Florida. Horror ensues.

DEMOCRACY JONES is a science fiction-horror & dark humor podcast.

A breakthrough in software technology for neural chips called “Rhetoric,” and continued political upheaval combine to create the most explosive day in American history, Friday the 13th of July, 2040. A day that would live in infamy as 7/13.

If a pregnant Haisley Jones can survive, the simulations created by Rhetoric prophesies that she, De’ontay and their child will galvanize a movement to overthrow General Schenk and bring back democracy to a post-apocalyptic America.


Mar 4, 2022

Ellington's Chief of Police, a BATA leader, has been tasked by the Constitutional Liberty Plan with delivering his township to General Schenk. But Captain Dick's wife, a Liberal, is the mayor who will most certainly be butchered during the coup. Captain Dick's old partner, killed ten years earlier, suddenly appears in the form of a ghost.